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Exploring self-care, embodiment and the alchemy of healing through somatic practices and natural remedies.

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Self Care: When we take the time to attend to ourselves in ways that are kind and nourishing, we can show up in our lives more readily. Learning practices such as Yoga and Abhyanga (self-massage) help us feel better and replenish our inner reserves so we can fulfill our responsibilities with energy and ease. 

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Embodiment: Life gets busy and we can lose our awareness of self in the process. Being present in our bodies requires slowing down, paying attention and softly focusing on inner sensations. We can achieve this through moving and breathing with awareness, enhancing the tangible qualities of being in human form.


The Alchemy of Healing: Healing requires changing from one state of being into another. This transformation happens when the conditions are ripe for growth. It is this refinement, this form of internal alchemy, that evolves us and offers an invitation to clearly express our true nature and live our purpose. 


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